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Let’s Talk About Shh.. A Podcast that improves your relationships

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Let’s Talk About Shh…

Take the Next Steps Towards Fulfilling Relationships

Let’s Talk About Shh.. is a live podcast where we discuss challenges, advice, and tips about love, intimacy, and relationships.

Each day we tackle new ideas and topics related to sex. Together we will deepen our understanding of human connection and how it impacts our lives.

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New Episodes Tuesdays @ 8 pm PDT / 11 pm EST

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Who is Teela Hudak?

Teela is passionate about helping people find and reclaim passion and intimacy. She helps people find and foster that sense of romance, fire, and passion that most people experience early in a relationship. For a lot of people, things get in the way of intimacy and romance. Teela teaches people how to have the best sex of their lives & how to keep that going for the next 40 years. 

Relationships and intimacy make up a huge part of our lives and those who choose to embrace that and do something about it, never need to feel that flame of desire go out. People who want to sustain the passion of the early stages of a relationship turn to Teela for help. “Sex is fun, why shouldn’t learning about it be?”

Teela Hudak

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